Life lesson of a hundred-year-old lady from Leskovac – Information on-line

Leposava Ljubić from Lebane near Leskovac, celebrated her hundredth birthday. Until the age of 80, she lived alone in the countryside, did all the work and served her health well.

The oldest Lebanese woman was visited by representatives of the municipal government.

– It is a great pleasure for me to come to meet Grandma Leposava, hear her life story and congratulate her on her birthday with a small token of attention. That hard life and work are not an obstacle to a long life without illness, I heard from her today. I am glad to be able to hear from someone how life used to be, especially if that someone has a great life experience – said the president of the municipality of Lebane, Ivan Bogdanović.

Grandmother Leposava, surrounded by her family, was grateful for the visit and on that occasion sent a strong message to future generations.

– I tell everyone that work does not kill, but sustains a person, and can even prolong life. I would like to wish everyone longevity. I am happy with my life, even though it was not easy at all. I am surrounded by grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren who never forget to kiss me the night before bed – the centenarian concluded.

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