Kurti additionally introduced: Tables are usually not our want, that was imposed by Serbia

EPA / Valdrin Xhemaj

Aljbin Kurti

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said that the establishment of reciprocity for the installation of temporary Kosovo license plates for cars with Serbian license plates is not Kosovo’s wish, but the imposition of Serbia.

Kurti said that the intention was not to disrupt the movement of Serbian citizens in Kosovo, nor to destabilize it, but that it was a matter of respecting the agreements agreed in Brussels.

– Temporary tables are not our wish, but an imposition from the other side. Our citizens have been paying for such plates at the entrance to Serbia for ten years – he said.

According to him, the measures taken today are legal and fully in line with the deadline for removing the KS plates.

– Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs took the necessary actions to confiscate all illegal markings on the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as at all border crossings. Regardless of the nationality of the owner of the car with invalid license plates, they are confiscated. At all border crossings in Kosovo, vehicles with Serbian license plates entering the territory of Kosovo will receive temporary license plates. As the Prime Minister, I say that the actions taken today by the competent authorities for the implementation of this agreement are not directed against Serbian citizens. They do not aim to hinder the free movement of Serbian citizens, nor to cause destabilization – said Kurti.

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