Dalila Dragojevic pours painful fact within the face of her husband Dejan (VIDEO)

Zadruga Official – YouTube/PrintScreen

Dalila Dragojevic

During the show “Search of the Week with Milan Milosevic” in the White House on the reality estate in Simanovci, Dalila Dragojevic fiercely clashed with her still legal husband Dejan Dragojevic because of her love affair with Filip Car.

– He watched too many movies with psychopaths. With that T-shirt, lemons lo Hello, boy, you’re left. I don’t know what to do to disgust this man – said Delilah.

– I don’t believe it… They ask me to insult her, but you won’t get that – said Dejan.

“Psychopath, you can’t change what’s in my head,” Delilah said.

– You are beautiful, you are beautiful – Dejan sang.

– He kills me when I see 50 of you stop him, he spies on me here and follows me. No normal person would do this. He can’t be in touch with me this way. Take off that wedding ring, don’t be embarrassed anymore. I don’t want to be with you, you’re endangering my stay here. Stop it. He wants to separate me from Philip. He wants to fill my conscience, so that even if I’m not with Philip tomorrow, I’ll be with him. And if Philip left me, he would comfort me and fill my head, I know very well what he is doing. I am not afraid to be the worst – said Dalila.

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