Which ladies are the perfect and that are the worst mistresses in keeping with the Zodiac?

Scorpios are always ready for action and trying new things. Aries-born women know how to satisfy both themselves and their partner. Pisces, on the other hand, can’t wait for sex to end…

1. Scorpio
It doesn’t matter if the Scorpio women are young, old, fat or thin. They are simply the best in bed. With them, you can realize all your fantasies you have ever dreamed of. You will never be bored with her – she is active and always ready for new things.

2. Sagittarius
Passion is another name for a member of this sign. Although they certainly meet you in all areas, so they are a great life companion, women born in the sign of Sagittarius are “lionesses in bed”. They will never be bored because they like to try different things in sex. Be happy if you meet them in bed.

3. Above
They are very good at sex, and most importantly – they know exactly what they want. They know how to satisfy both themselves and their partner. Some claim that women born in the sign of Aries are the sexiest in the Zodiac. She wants to be adored, which is actually easy because she is really worth your time.

For some reason, Leos are much sexier than Leos. Some say because they are not so lazy. They show great interest in their partner and want to please him. They are aware that they can give you a “special” pleasure, and a good time with them is guaranteed.

5. Vacancy
Not only is she great in bed, but she is also an exceptional person. Even while making love, she tries to be considerate and gentle, and if her partner demands it, she can be very passionate, active and open to various options.

6. Aquarius
You can “expect the unexpected” with this woman because her fantasies have no limits. If he thinks that his sex life is boring, he will know how to “spice it up”. She loves role-playing and sexy costumes. It is up to you to give the idea and leave the development of the story to her. You will not regret it.

7. Gemini
For members of this sign, sex is not so important, so they do not pay much attention to it. But when you really win it, you’ll see what a “maniac” he is in bed. However, do not often expect hugs and tender words.

8. Bik
With members of this sign, the most important thing is to know the trick – sex with her will be great, you just have to initiate it when she is in the mood. Then she gets wild in bed, and you will need strength to “tame” her. You can live unforgettable moments with it, but be patient.

9. Fish
If you like partners who don’t like to work much, but just lie down, Pisces are the ideal women for you. During sex, they feel as if they are doing their partner a favor. With all that, she can’t wait for the sex to end.

10. Capricorn
The schedule is most important to her, so don’t expect spontaneity. Sex happens when her schedule allows it, and don’t think you can “catch” her the moment you want her to. She will tell you that she has a lot of work to do at the moment and find another term for sex.

11. Cancer
They are always ready for a story, and the problem arises when they start talking during sex. Then they don’t say “dirty things”, but start a conversation. They do not give up their intention and do not understand what the problem is.

12. Device
Virgos will always find fault with their partner. They are constantly criticized, and they are like that during sex. They often cannot find anything good in their partner, 24sata.hr writes.

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