What to not do when you have acquired the Russian vaccine

EPA / Sergei Ilnitsky

Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”

Alexander Ginzburg, director of the National Research Center for Microbiology and Epidemiology “Gamaleja”, explained how to act in order for the received vaccine against coronavirus to work as efficiently as possible.

The scientist advised that vaccinated people avoid intense physical activities for two days after vaccination, in order to form the best immune response.

– A person simply does not have enough glucose and sugar to ensure the even functioning of the two processes – Ginzburg said in an interview for the newspaper “Rosijska Gazeta”.

Another important condition for the effective creation of an immune response is a varied diet after vaccination. The expert explained that the creation of antibodies is a process that consumes energy and requires protein synthesis, and long-term exercise complicates the synthesis.

In addition, Ginzburg advised vaccinated people to refrain from harmful habits, such as alcohol, because they partially reduce the effect of vaccination.

Russia registered the world’s first vaccine against covid “Sputnik Ve” (Sputnik V) on August 11, 2020.

Reputable scientific journal “Lancet” announced that “Sputnik Ve” (Sputnik V) is a safe and effective vaccine that provides complete protection against severe cases of Covid disease 19.

After several months of research by Russian immunologists in which 19,866 volunteers participated, the third phase of clinical trials was completed, which confirmed the effectiveness of the vaccine of 91.6 percent.

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