What does Trump say concerning the new candidacy?


Donald Tramp

Former US President Donald Trump stated that he will make a decision on his re-candidacy for the White House after the elections for the Congress in November next year.

Reuters reports that Trump told Fox News that he is currently committed to helping fellow Republicans in trying to regain control of the US House of Representatives and the Senate in the 2022 elections, and that he believes that there is a very good chance for that.

Trump emphasized that he will make the decision on the new candidacy for the White House after those elections, and that the public opinion poll shows that his supporters are ready to support him if he enters the race for the presidential mandate again.

The former American president also said that he would run a campaign in the 2022 elections for candidates who support him and his policy, and against those Republicans whom he considers disloyal.

Reuters reports that during the interview, Trump recommended that everyone be vaccinated against the corona virus, and recent polls in the United States show that a large number of Republicans and Trump supporters have reservations about immunization.

– It’s a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine. And that’s something that works. I would recommend it to many people who do not want to be vaccinated, and I know that many of them sincerely support me – said Trump, who was vaccinated himself in January.

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