Well-known Giselle loses child: Actuality participant leads to hospital urgently (PHOTO)


Ivana Zivkovic Zizela

Former reality show contestant “Couples”, Ivana Zivkovic Gisela, announced herself from the hospital on her Instagram profile, and shared the sad news with her followers.

Niame, Ivana pointed out that she had lost the baby, and from the hospital bed she came out visibly upset and sad, and as she herself states, the baby’s father is to blame for everything.

– Killer, you killed a child. Are you happy? Now I have lost a child. Killer, killed his child – wrote Ivana.

– Yesterday at 9 o’clock the water broke, Ivan drove me to the hospital. At 1 o’clock my son’s heart stopped. He was killed by his own father. He’s the biggest killer. This morning I gave birth to a dead son – wrote Ivana.


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