Vučić: I attempted and fought for the folks to judge the outcomes

Photo: Tanjug / AP

Aleksandar Vučić

Today, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, posted a video on his Instagram account “avucic” with the most significant moments since he became the President of Serbia, with the message that he fought for Serbia every day, and that it is up to the people to evaluate the results.

– I tried and fought every day for our Serbia, and it is up to the people to evaluate the results – wrote President Vučić with a video showing the moment when he took the oath in the Assembly, as well as the opening of factories, roads, bridges, hospitals “, as well as meetings with the world’s greatest statesmen.

– Sometimes I reacted too quickly, sometimes I reacted with my heart, I made countless mistakes, there is no doubt, but what is the essence is that I really fought all this time, all these five years. For all these five years, I have fought every day for our country, working hard and hard, it is not as easy a job as it seems to some. You have to work and contribute to Serbia every day and look forward to new investments and new factories, and a new vaccine factory that we will start soon and everything else, because we will need all that in the coming period. And don’t ask how long it takes to prepare for a meeting with Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping. I met all of them much more than anyone ever in the history of Serbia. I tried and fought, and it is up to the people to evaluate the results in the end – said President Vučić.

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