Viktor Zivojinovic and Sandra Miljakovic postponed the marriage!


Viktor Zivojinovic

Lepa Brena’s youngest son, Viktor Zivojinovic, decided to get married, but because of the crown, he will have to wait for the pandemic to pass. He can say a fateful “yes” to the girl Sandra Miljaković, but they both do not want an intimate wedding, but a gala wedding, similar to the one that Aleksandra Prijović and Filip Živojinović had.

Although they planned to become spouses this spring, they will still have to wait until May 2022, when they are planning a party. Brena and Boba agree with their decision, because they also have many guests who want to host, and they believe that the situation with the virus will be over by then.

– We are planning a gala celebration with 500 guests. There are a lot of us Zivojinovic, so we have to find some big space in the open. We will not have a wedding until the situation with the coronavirus calms down. But Sandra and I don’t mind waiting, we act as if we are already married – Viktor said for the media. He also explained how the daughter-in-law was accepted by the Zivojinovic family.

– Sandra is a great support in everything. The family is delighted with my choice and they have only words of praise for it. It’s nice when you find a person who suits you in everything – he pointed out, who, like his girlfriend, regularly posts on Instagram their joint photos and videos that show that they enjoy their love.

By the way, we find out, Brena and Boba decided to cut the bag for their pet’s wedding. Not a single detail will be spared. The mother-in-law wants a glamorous wedding this time as well, as was the case when her stepfather Filip Živojinović married Aleksandar. The details have been almost agreed, because everything was planned for May this year, but the realization has been postponed and it will start as soon as people return to normal life.

Let us remind you, Živojinović’s second daughter-in-law is from the village of Budilovina near Brus, and in Belgrade she is studying at the Faculty of Philology and doing make-up. The job was also given to her by her future mother-in-law, who is very satisfied with how Sandra takes care of her appearance.

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