Viki Miljković instructed ugly particulars from her previous

Youtube / Violeta Miljkovic

Viki Miljković

Viki Miljković spent her childhood in her native Niš, although she says that she is not a conflicted person and that she does not like to quarrel, one anecdote from her childhood says that she was mischievous and resourceful.

Namely, during her life in a rented apartment, when she was only five years old, she was not accepted by a girl from the neighborhood, so Vicky decided to prepare an unforgettable surprise for her:

– There were two barrels in the yard in which my dad kept fish because, among other things, he went fishing. And now you know, children are afraid when a fish is standing in the water, but it tails its tail and moves. Then I called the girl who harassed me to me, filled water barrels and said that it was a pool and I put those fish in a tub. I was in a barrel with hot water that was heated all day, and I gave her a barrel in which I had just poured cold water. When she froze, she went outside, put on a T-shirt, and I put the fish in her bosom. She wanted to wake up, and I still locked her gate so she couldn’t escape – Viki once said in the show “From Profile”

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