“Večernji listing”: Vučić confirmed himself because the chief of the area

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić confirmed himself as the leader of the region with the decision to offer vaccines against coronavirus to the citizens of the region, Zagreb’s “Večernji list” writes.

The paper points out on its website that at a time when the whole world recognizes vaccination as the only way out of the pandemic, Serbia is currently among the best in Europe and the world in terms of immunization of the population.

“Večernji” estimates that “the Serbian president played this game great”, as well as that he “slapped the leaders of all countries in the region, and especially the Croatian prime minister”.

“While Prime Minister Andrej Plenković entertains us every day by shooting at President Zoran Milanović, Croatia has experienced one of the biggest embarrassments since the end of the war under Plenković,” the paper said, adding that Croatian citizens traveled to Serbia for vaccinations at the invitation of Serbian authorities last weekend. it undoubtedly represents a difficult debacle for Croatia, for the Croatian political elite and for the Croatian vaccination plan, which failed miserably ”.

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