Triumph of basketball gamers from Novi Unhappy in St. Petersburg, Bulut MVP

Led by the maestro Dušan Domović Bulut, the basketball players of Novi Sad triumphed at the third tournament of the United League of Europe this season in St. Petersburg.

The citizens of Novi Sad recorded the same number of victories in five matches, they absolutely deservedly won the first place, and Domović Bulut once again showed the top class and was declared the MVP.

The triumph became even more important if we take into account the fact that the renovated team from Novi Sad, for which Marko Dugošija, Marko Milaković and Dejan Janjić played in addition to Domović Bulut, beat some of the best teams in the world at this moment.

In the semifinals they were better than the great rival Riga 15:13, and in the finals they defeated Amsterdam 18:17.

By winning the first place, Novi Sad won participation in the final tournament of the United League of Europe, where the eight best teams will compete and which will be played on April 26, also in St. Petersburg.

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