This assertion by Leontina will infuriate each lady, mom, spouse and housewife!

The singer and composer said that motherhood is easy for her, while she admitted that she could never be a housewife

Leontina recently celebrated the 11th birthday of her daughter Lucija and points out that the role of a mother is, after all, her favorite.

– The easiest and most beautiful thing is to be a mother. I have too many responsibilities, but I do a job I love. I found my peace in working with children. Despite that, I do not neglect my authorial career, I am in the studio and I work – said the singer. She added that she has help with household chores.

– I could never be a housewife, to dedicate time to some rough work. I’m not coming, I have people who help me with that – she said.

Recall, she recently spoke about the reasons for the divorce.

– I had a problem with marriage for the first time because I knew that I was not ready for my whole life – Leontina once explained in the show “Magazine In”. Leontina and Philip Pat got married in May 2009, after only three months of dating. As a result of their love, a daughter Lucija was born the following year, but the couple divorced in November 2013.

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