The Serbian boxer advised Milica Pavlović to speak and that he ought to respect Serbian historical past

Youtube / Milica Pavlovic

Milica Pavlović

Milica Pavlović found herself under attack by boxing champion Marko Nikolić and a user of social networks because of a new video for the song “Black Mornings”, in which, as she wrote on Instagram, she presented herself as a Kosovo girl of the 21st century.

– Each of us is at the same time a saint and a sinner and much more between those two extremes, and it only depends on the man which of our faces he will meet. This is my version of the Kosovo girl of the 21st century. She is a symbol of an ideal woman who remains faithful, loyal and loyal to her man until the very end. But only when it is the right one – Milica wrote in the description of the photo, where she is sitting, and it shows parts of folk costumes – apron, vest and belt, while instead of sandals she is wearing deep boots with heels, she has a crown and cloak , and between her legs lies a handsome man.

Milica Pavlović

Some followers understood this as a desecration of Serbian history, and one of those who publicly condemned the singer is our boxing champion. He posted a photo of Milica on Instagram, tagged and stated his position:

Milica Pavlović

– A Kosovo girl is a woman, a mother. The pillar of the family. If you had a little respect for Serbian history, you wouldn’t be blabbering on like this.

This was followed by others.

– You are far from the Kosovo Girl, if the girls from the past wore such “folk costumes”, they would be classified in the category of women of easy morals. I really don’t understand the combination of lust and passion screaming in the photos and the desecrated and rather shortened “folk costume” that reveals more than it covers – these are just some of the comments.

Due to the dust that arose on the occasion of the new photos, but also the condemnation of individuals, Pavlović announced in an open letter:

– Dear people, I am someone who respects absolutely all nations, while I see my country and my people as sacred! What I love most in the world is the country I come from, where my roots are and where I live. Honestly, I am very sorry if someone misinterpreted and experienced my previous post as an insult. That was not my intention. I love the history of my country and my people, and I respect it very much. As a believer, I sincerely believe in good people, in good intentions and good deeds, and that is the only thing that counts in this life! Be good to yourself and your loved ones – she wrote. The singer also explained how the scene she recorded came about.

– When it comes to the scene that caused conflicting reactions, because of the text of the song, we wanted to present a woman who is a symbol of the Balkans, while a man who is nurtured is a male symbol of heroism. The stage is literally a glorification of what is the best and most beautiful in our history. It is amazing to provoke a shred of dirty thoughts. The heroine of the song is looking for the love for which she dies, so the symbol is more than clear. Since he does not find such love, he shows what he wants. Maybe some of you did not understand the song the best or analyzed the text, but the message is extremely strong in the spirit of the people living in the Balkans – Milica wrote in a statement.

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