The German professor has proof: The crown was made in a laboratory


German nanoscientist Roland Wiesendanger claims that there is evidence that the coronavirus did not pass from animals to humans, but that it originated in a laboratory.

A scientist from Hamburg told the German media that he had a total of 600 pieces of evidence from 2019 and 2020.

– Information about the virus and numerous publications in professional magazines and on social media show that the corona was an accident in the laboratory. The crown came from a laboratory in Wuhan – claims Wiesendanger.

According to him, the virus “climbs” very well on the receptors of human cells and manages to penetrate them, which was not characteristic of earlier strains of coronavirus and indicates an unnatural origin.

He also pointed out that bats are not offered at the market in the center of Wuham, which has been called the epicenter of the infection.

Wiesendanger expects that in the coming weeks and months there will be further studies and research on the origin of the coronavirus, and he hopes for evidence that will support his thesis.

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