The celebration candle doesn’t exit

V. Nestorović

PARISH MESSAGE: Priest Dalibor Đukić increased the celebration with a sermon

No green passports that are in force in Italy can prevent the desire and will of our compatriots to socialize, celebrate birthdays and celebrate glory.

Anyone who has not received the vaccine must take a quick test, but the rules and precautions prescribed by the Italian government regarding the coronary virus pandemic are strictly respected and flawlessly followed. That is how the members of the Cultural Association of Serbs of the Rainbow from Montecchio Maggiore, a small town near Vicenza, celebrated their glory in the same way as they did a year before the corona virus pandemic.

In the presence of Protopresbyter Dalibor Đukić, Mitrovdan was celebrated as befits and as the Orthodox rules of the rite dictate. About eighty guests, representatives of several Serbian associations from the Italian region of Veneto, gathered with the hosts.

Dusica Lalic, the president of KUS Duga, confirms that the celebration went exactly as the hosts expected, that the celebration candle was not extinguished, but lit regularly every year, which is the strongest motive and the biggest reason why people gather.

– We are very satisfied with the response of the guests. People came to respect us, on the one hand, and to socialize, on the other. Of course, that gives me even more pleasure. I rejoice when I see my people gathered in front of the celebration candle. Although we are far from our homeland, we try to cultivate our tradition and celebrate the glory every year. The pastry chef was Nenad Stokuća, a member of Duga. We wanted to make our guests’ lunch more beautiful, so we also had a musician, Sladjan Markovic, who made the atmosphere even more pleasant. There is no end to our happiness because the guests said on the way out that they can’t wait to come to Duga’s premises again for a new gathering – says Dušica Lalić, who is visibly satisfied, who took over part of the cake and will host the celebration next year.

80 GUESTS CAME: Representatives of numerous societies from Veneto celebrated

Among those who came to the celebration was Dušan Aleksić, the president of the Association of Serbs of Italy, who greeted the hosts and guests and invited everyone present to join the humanitarian action of raising funds for the construction of a sports hall in Orahovac in Kosovo and Metohija.

One of the guests was Zivomir Ilic, former president of the Serbian Cultural Association Arzinano, one of the oldest associations in the Veneto region.

-We live in the time of the corona and it is very difficult to organize anything. We have become isolated and in a way we are further and further away from our centuries-old tradition and customs. However, Duga successfully celebrated her baptism. The hosts did their best and prepared everything properly, starting from the rites in the Church of St. Luke, in Vicenza, to a nice lunch in their space. I came to wish them happy fame and success in their work – says Zivomir Ilic for “Vesti”.

Miroslav Stojković was at the celebration in front of the Vidovdan association.

– I am glad that I was invited and that we all gathered around the celebration cake and candles to respect the hosts. With a good bite, home-made wine, folk music and pleasant company of compatriots, we managed to forget about everyday life and to relax and enjoy – Stojković does not hide his satisfaction.

The cake was broken by Nenad Stokuća and Uncle Đukić


Gorica Stevanović, the president of the association Kapija Šumadija, came to the glory of Duga accompanied by her husband Ilaria.

– It was pleasant for us, and I am happy to hang out with our people, I am very happy to respond to every invitation of Serbian associations when they celebrate glory. Especially now, when this uncertainty reigns over the crown, every fellowship and celebration is like a kind of blessing. The hosts were up to the task, they organized everything nicely, prepared and welcomed the guests as they should – says Gorica.


– I would like to publicly thank my associates Mihailo Blanusa, Secretary and Milan Martinovic and Rado Stojkovic, members of the Management Board. Without them, I would not be able to organize all this so nicely and well, as the satisfied guests told me during the farewell. That gives me the strength to move forward – Dusica Lalic points out.

Finally happy and relaxed

Igor Rasic, a member of Duga, points out that Saint Demetrius, the patron saint of KUS Duga, was marked in the spirit of tradition.

– The customs were respected, the priest Dalibor motivated those present with his arrival and sermon, and especially with the message that we all hope for the light at the end of the tunnel as soon as possible. I am especially glad that the festive lunch was attended by members and friends of the association and representatives of fraternal associations from the province of Vicenza. There were a lot of people and most importantly finally everyone happy, relaxed and happy.

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