The black horoscope reveals your darkest traits



Have you ever heard of the Black Horoscope? He has different signs, and represents the black side of each.

Find your Black Horoscope sign and find out what your darkest trait is!

Centaur (January 8 – February 12)

A centaur is half horse, half man. It is difficult for him to control his animal urges and instincts. People born in this sign are distinguished by their independence and indomitable love of freedom.

Harpy (February 13 – March 18)

In Greek mythology, harpies were the daughters of the sea god Taumantus and the oceanid Electra. They personify dark clouds nurtured by the wind. People born in the sign of Harpy do not know how to forgive, they remember insults until they severely punish the one who hurt them. They are very vindictive.

Pegaz (19. april – 24. april)

In mythology, Pegasus represents a winged horse, the son of Poseidon and Medusa. People born in this sign have high self-confidence and hate to do as “ordinary mortals” must. They are very selfish.

Kerber (April 25 – May 30)

Kerbers simply shine with rage and hatred. Kerber’s head is constantly swarming with thoughts about how to harm someone.

Satire (May 31 – July 3)

A satyr is a forest demon, half-human or half-animal. People born in this sign dedicate their whole lives to pleasure. They hate aging and all that it brings.

Mermaid (July 4 – August 10)

Mermaids are the most charming and attractive sign. But they also cunningly use their charms to destroy someone when they want to and get the most out of their victims.

Grifon (11. avgust – 15. septembar)

This is a mythical monster with the body of a lion and the head, wings and claws of an eagle, the guardian of graves and treasuries. People born in this sign are, to say the least, weird. Nothing can stop them, because their thoughts are fanatical. They are also able to kill for their ideals.

Himera (16. septembar – 22. oktobar)

Chimera is a mythical creature of a mixture of lion, dragon and goat. People in the sign of Chimera are great at extortion, they are very hypocritical and that is why they always get out of every situation.

Sphinx (October 23 – November 30)

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx represents a monster with the body of a lion, and the head and chest of a girl. People born in this sign are very enigmatic, as is the Sphinx itself. They are tribal, but they love material things very much. They hate everything that is spiritual.

Minotaur (1. decembar – 7. januar)

The mythical being is a half-man – a half-bull. People born in this sign are full of rage, just like the Minotaur, wild and dangerous. They are literally torn from within due to rage and animal instinct that they cannot control.

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