Starlet on the overhaul in entrance of the Cooperative: Aleksandra Subotić introduced what she operated on


Aleksandra Subotic

Aleksandra Subotić boasted about the results of new aesthetic procedures! The mother of two children, who is only 24 years old, did the breasts again and now the nose, although, she says, “it was already beautiful”.

Aleksandra had enlarged her breasts before, but she did not like the size or shape, so she decided to bring the figure “to perfection” before joining the Cooperative.

Ljuba Pantović’s daughter also boasted about her new nose, and said that she was finally satisfied with the results of the operations.

“The recovery is going well, we had nose and chest surgery again and for the first time I am really satisfied. The nose operation was very complicated and took a long time, but it was finally successful, ”she wrote on Instagram.

“I did it purely aesthetically, I had no problems with breathing and the like. “My nose is naturally beautiful and dusty, so I only wanted to do the tip, but in consultation with the doctor, I decided to narrow it,” she said.

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