Seka Aleksic praised the reward of her son Jakov (VIDEO)

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Three days ago, March 8 was celebrated around the world – International Women’s Day, as part of the struggle for economic, political and social equality of women and men.

Popular singer Seka Aleksić boasted today to her fans on the social network Instagram with a gift that made her son Jakov happy on the occasion of this holiday.

Namely, the attractive folk star shared a video of a handmade greeting card painted especially for her by her older heir.

Let us remind you, the thirty-nine-year-old brunette, together with her husband Veljko Piljikić, fought for the offspring for a long time, and during a harmonious marriage, they managed to fulfill their greatest wish and become parents. Seka gave birth to a son, Jakov, at the end of September 2016, while little Jovan was born in January last year.

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