Obradović: We’re lacking a number of extra gamers

Photo: MN Press

Zeljko Obradovic

Partizan basketball coach Zeljko Obradovic stated that the working hours that are in front of his chosen ones and the black and white professional staff are starting.

He made the first roll call, mostly of young players, while the older ones will join in seven days.

– The first training, we gathered first of all our young players from the junior team to see which of them could possibly join us in the preparations or later in the season. We also have some side players we want to see. There are also those who will probably be very important this year, I hope. We are starting to work, the working time is ahead of us – said Obradović for the club television.

The work plan is widely known.

– The plan is good, it must be good. We are here in Belgrade for the first week, and then we move to Zlatibor. We will spend 12 days there, and then we will return to Belgrade and the preparatory matches will start.

Completing the team is not complete.

– Next week we are waiting for all those who were not able to join now to join, such was the agreement with all of them. We will see if we can complete the team, because we need a few more players to be the team for next season – said Obradović and finally admitted that he wanted to work because he missed the previous season and took a break from basketball.

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