Nenad Aleksic Sha started to rethink his relationship with Tara Simov (VIDEO)


Nenad Aleksic Sha

This afternoon, Nenad Aleksić Ša opened his soul to the Tree of Wisdom, and first he touched on his relationship with Tara Simov.

– We have no problem, I mean, heels are not a problem, I was a little sad that day. We’re okay, we’re not arguing about things we had before. Now we only bake a little during the day. It is that stone that must sting in the shoe – said Sha.

– What about the others? Asked the Tree.

– Well, I choose company, they interfere too much. I would like to calm myself down, but that is my character, I get caught up in all the nonsense. They are one at the table, and they are different like this – Sha added.

– Nenad, now that some time has passed, I wonder, do you think you made the right decision? Tree asked afterwards.

– Well, what do I know. What happened happened, there is no going back. I will see in the period after the Cooperative whether this was correct or not. When we go out, Tara and I will see what happens next, I hope it will be okay. The age difference is big, Tara understands things. I can only talk about it when I go out. I only regret that I seriously hurt the person I was with for a long time, but I do not regret my relationship with Tara, we are sailing – he continued.

– Are you bothering anyone? – added Drvo.

– I don’t think anyone personally has anything against us. I don’t go into it, I don’t go around the house, and I don’t ask people, I’m more isolated. I don’t know what’s going on in the corners, I don’t know that honestly. Our best friend is Fran, Marko, Sandra, Matora, she is my brother and sister, but we smoothed everything out, in our own way. I can trust those people – added Sha.

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