Milica confirmed a sculpted physique, Todorović’s mug in entrance of a mirror, and starlets would envy her on such a slim waist (PHOTO)


Milica Todorovic

Singer Milica Todorović has been staying in Egypt for several days, from where she advertises every day, and now she has shown her slender figure.

Namely, Milica was twisting and wiggling in front of the mirror and on that occasion she showed a flat stomach. The singer has never shown a thinner waist, and comments on her appearance have been coming.

The singer recently commented on how people react to her changes on her face.

– It is absurd to see some change on your face and as’ and if you did maybe some of the aesthetic corrections? ‘, And you say’ Me? For God’s sake! ‘ I mean, it’s really absurd, so maybe you can see some difference and it should be seen, because I think that bone is broken as far as deviation is concerned, but deviation wasn’t such a problem for me, I repeat, what drives me crazy People! Don’t ever ask me something about my nose again, because I said 500 times that I had nose surgery for health reasons, because I sprayed drops that destroyed my mucous membrane and that’s it – said Milica.

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