Kija Kockar helps mom Nadica (PHOTO)


Kija Kockar

Kristina Kija Kockar referred to the participation of her mother Nadica Zeljković in reality.

Let us remind you, the young singer and the winner of the first season of “Zadruga” pointed out at the very beginning of the show that she would not advertise on this topic, but after the cooperative members started throwing trees and stones at Nadica, Kockareva decided to support her via Instagram.

Kija posted a photo of herself when she was little and holding a telephone receiver, and told her mother that no one was her friend in the White House.

– Mom, let me tell you you’re a king! That no one there is your friend! That everyone is against you because you are telling the truth! He just tramples everything hard – Kija wrote on Instagram.

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