Jokic: Do I dominate? I do not suppose so

Nikola Jokic was modest at the press conference after the meeting between Denver and Oklahoma.

He finished the match with the eighth triple-double of the season, and was also questioned about his assists.

Jokic is one of the candidates for the MVP title, however, as he says, his parties are not so dominant.

– I don’t know, do I dominate in passes? The word ‘domination’… A few guys really dominate this game… Do I dominate in passes? I don’t think so. Maybe I only sometimes have a pass that brings a small advantage to the one who gets the ball – said Jokić.

Jokic says that he simply likes to find teammates and that this is his way of playing.

– When I was younger… I came from Europe where it may not be so common and where I didn’t think much about it. Now I think I do it more often because I can score a lot of points… I don’t know, it’s just my style of play, I like to share balls, I like to play together. Today we all had fun and it was easier – he added.

Jokic has an average of 26.9 points, 10.9 rebounds and 8.4 assists in 32 matches this season.

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