In the event you eat this for breakfast, you wreck your well being!

Sometimes it may seem like you can’t get out of bed in the morning if you’re not waiting for coffee because you can’t function differently. There is another very important component of your morning that gets you out of bed, and that is – breakfast. Some people just wake up hungry and can’t wait to open their eyes and start eating.

The food you eat in the morning gives a “tone” to your day, so everyone wants to start the morning healthy. Think of your first meal as a clean plate – whatever you eat will enter the empty digestive system.

Breakfast should therefore be well balanced, and in recent years it has been increasingly encouraged to consume whole grains, which will break down slowly and you will be full for the next four hours. However, cereals from retail chains often contain a lot of sugar, and if you choose sweet cereals for breakfast, it does not benefit your body or mind at all.

Most of the cereals you choose for breakfast are low in fat, low in protein and fiber, and high in sugar, which is by no means a good choice for your first meal of the day. In addition, most flakes are over-processed so there is no significant nutritional value.

A meal with a high sugar content will quickly raise your blood sugar level. This is because your body digests sugar fairly quickly, so it enters the bloodstream abruptly. That’s why after a “sweet” breakfast you can feel nervous and anxious, and then tired and irritable while your blood sugar drops, and again you will get hungry pretty quickly.

So avoid buying cereals and choose a quality, balanced breakfast. A healthy breakfast should contain a mixture of protein from eggs or fresh cheese, healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocados, whole grains from oatmeal or bread rich in nutrients, as well as moisturizing fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and oranges, which is extremely important because most people wake up dehydrated.

If you have time, it is recommended to start the morning with hot water and lemon, and then make a green “smoothie”. Later in the morning, choose something nutritious like avocado toast, eggs or fresh cheese, and if you opt for oatmeal, add fresh fruit and kefir, writes

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