“Hungary is uncovered to steady assaults from Brussels”

EPA / Patrick Seeger

Viktor Orban

Hungary is exposed to continuous attacks from Brussels and pressure to change our every decision, said the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Sjiarto.

“Whatever decision we make, European institutions will find a way to put pressure and blackmail us in order to change it and not to use our national powers,” Sijarto explained to the BBC.

He pointed out that Hungary is ready for a dialogue with the EU, but that it will not enter into “debates based on stereotypes”.

According to him, the focus of current discussions is the future of Europe, reports MTI.

– The EU institutions are federalist and are working to create the United States of Europe, which we definitely oppose – Sijarto pointed out.

He added that Hungary’s approach, which is currently “in the minority”, is for the EU, if necessary, to be based on strong states.

– We will definitely not change our approach to specific political issues that the leaders of certain member states said were against the basic values ​​of the EU – Sijarto said.

He emphasized that the Hungarian government is Christian-Democratic and patriotic, with stable support in the parliament and society, which allows very little external interference.

Sijarto assessed that the recent EU report on the rule of law in Hungary is “a politically motivated, biased, unbalanced, unjust and blackmailing type of document.”

He added that threats to Hungary to suspend the payment of EU funds are unacceptable.

– The European Commission uses those funds to blackmail and to exert influence in the spheres that are clearly in the hands of the member states – Sijarto pointed out.

A European Commission report released on Tuesday expressed serious concern over the absence of the rule of law, noting that the country is undermining media pluralism and judicial independence, and that Poland is the only EU country under formal investigation into endangering the rule of law.

The European Commission has threatened not to approve Hungary’s recovery plan from the effects of the pandemic until judicial reforms are implemented in that country and investigations into corruption cases are guaranteed.

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