Grandma’s kitchen – Lenten stew within the oven (VIDEO)

Youtube/Jelajelena Petrovic

Fasting chewing gum in the oven

This is the most delicious chewing gum in the world, because this dish really requires experience.

It is necessary:

– 3 larger onions
– 6-7 mesnatih paprika
– 1-2 carrots
– 2 potatoes
– primrose leaf
– beaver, like that
– a little red ml. peppers
– fish of your choice. (can do without it)
– 4 tablespoons of washed rice
– 2 tomatoes or 1 larger peeled one


Fry sliced ​​onion and carrot cut into rings in oil. When it is fried, add the paprika and fry it to soften it.

Add salt and a little pepper, red ml. peppers, rice, diced potatoes and diced tomatoes. Coat the chewing gum with oil, then pour the roasted peppers and arrange.

I also put the fish on top. Bake for up to 60 minutes at 220 degrees C.

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