Do you additionally endure from insomnia?

Insomnia is an increasingly common problem of modern man. Experts claim that every tenth person suffers from sleep disorders.

Insomnia can affect the quality of life, cause difficulties in performing daily duties, and can also lead to numerous health problems, in the first place depression and anxiety.

Scientists have been dealing with insomnia for years. While there are some factors that can affect insomnia, this area is still insufficiently researched.

A study by scientists from the Netherlands revealed that there are as many as five types of insomnia.

Tip 1: highly stressful insomnia, people who suffer from neuroticism and are prone to anxiety.

Tip 2: moderator-sensitive insomnia, caused by upcoming events and insomnia in response to it,

Tip 3: moderately insensitive insomnia, which occurs due to the lack of events that can cause it, for example when nothing happens to us during the day, the simple body is not tired,

Tip 4: highly reactive insomnia that occurs after an important event,

Tip 5: small reactive insomnia, when events take place that do not affect our feelings.

Remedy for insomnia individual from person to person. Some people are helped by relaxing music, others by physical activity before going to bed, while some also decide on medication.

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