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If you’re between 60 and 69 and haven’t been vaccinated, don’t be surprised if you find a letter from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in your mailbox.

The letter, signed jointly by Health Minister Greg Hunt and Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, will be sent next week to the addresses of just over 586,000 people, aged between 60 and 69, who have not yet received the first dose of the vaccine.

Most of them live in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

The data show that more than 82% of people in this age group have already received the first dose of the vaccine. Letters will be sent for the remaining 18 percent, with the goal of as many of them responding to the call for immunization.
The letter states that the advice of health experts is very clear, and that is that people older than 60 are more exposed to the risk of severe covid disease and must be vaccinated as soon as possible.
“Recent outbreaks of new, more contagious strains of coronavirus, which have resulted in deaths in Sydney, further reinforce the importance of Australians over the age of 60 now being vaccinated,” the letter said.
Labor as an opposition at the federal level also said that they still believe that a strong public health information campaign is needed to improve the vaccination rate.
By the way, some general practitioners are frustrated by the refusal of people over the age of 60 to receive the Astrazeneca vaccine, due to the extremely low risk of a possible blood clot, and instead wait for the Pfizer vaccine to become available.
According to doctors, attempts to explain that the chance of dying from the vaccine if you are over 60 is one in 1.6 million, and that the chances of dying if you become infected with covid, as many at this age have a high blood pressure, diabetes, excess weight.
In addition, doctors are fighting not to miss the doses of Astrazeneca vaccine, because many who have scheduled the vaccination simply do not show up on time.
In a conversation with our compatriots over the age of 60, we learned that some have decided to get vaccinated, while others have decided to wait. The reason for postponing vaccination against some is that they would wait for the vaccine to be further improved and for its side effects to be reduced. Others do not want to receive Astrazenekin, but are waiting for Pfizer’s vaccine.
Our interlocutor, 63 years old, whose vaccination date is scheduled for September 12, and for understandable reasons she wants to remain anonymous, says that she decided to receive Astrazenekina, because she cannot get Feiser as an option.
She decided to get vaccinated, because in her opinion, it is the only way to “get her life back to normal”.

“Vaccine – a condition for a normal life”

The interlocutor of “Vesti” says that we simply have no choice, because if we want to travel, we will have to get vaccinated.
– Maybe they won’t even let us go to church if we are not vaccinated. In Singapore, for example, it is impossible to enter a restaurant, go to the cinema or receive guests unless you have been vaccinated. Everything is going to be the same here as well – our interlocutor emphasizes and adds that this is the reason why she decided to get vaccinated, with of course the increased risk of contracting kovid, because she is in constant contact with people.

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