Aleksandra Subotić shot Janjuš in entrance of everybody, he talked about the lawsuit! (VIDEO)


Aleksandra Subotic

Milan asked the next question to Aleksandra Subotić, who then went to war with Marko Janjušević Janjuš.

– You constantly point out that you are a mother, so how are you not ashamed to ruin the life of Janjuša and his child and mention that he spent the summer with his daughter, and you point out that you are a mother of two children – Milan asked Aleksandra.

– He said I had a baby with my mom’s boyfriend. Maja was really pregnant, she had symptoms – answered Aleksandra.

– It is hard for me because of that pregnancy, when she hit me, then I answered her – Janjuš commented.

– He broke into my toilet and I told him that I am a mother of two children, I have a husband at home, I will not be in the toilet with him. I did not humiliate him, he humiliated himself. We know that he is a gambler and a drunkard – said Aleksandra.

– She has nothing to do, she just makes a stick as she washes her hair and that’s it. It’s irrelevant here. She threatened me with a lawsuit – said Janjuš.

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