10 issues girls do when they need an intimate relationship


Preparation before the “action” is extremely important for women. Namely, they want everything to turn out perfectly, so before meeting with their partner, they groom, wax, choose underwear for hours…

Although you will rarely notice it on them, women also go through different scenarios, among which are fears that they will do everything right. They also care a lot about their appearance, so they make sure that everything looks perfect.

These ten things most women do before sex:

They wax – because they want to look flawless and perfect.

They polish their toenails – to make them look even better.

A little panic – there is always a dose of fear of what everything will look like and whether he will do something wrong.

They choose sexy underwear – or panic because they can’t find what they imagined.

They decide for hours what they will train – this applies to women who do not yet live with their men. (During the life together, it is impossible to report it without going unnoticed).

They are thinking whether they should bring condoms – if he doesn’t have them either, then what? The solution – better to bear than to regret.

They correspond with friends – not all, but most also talk about the meeting with friends.

They make a list in their head of what to bring for the morning after – in case they sleep over with him (toothbrush, face cream, chewing gum and clean laundry).

They forget what they came up with – so the next morning they go to work or college in the clothes from the night before, borrow his toothbrush and fix the remnants of makeup.

They drink alcohol, believe it or not, and women often panic before meetings, so they relax with a glass of wine.

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