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Serbia’s defense industry unveiled its brand new and standard military equipment and weapons at IDEX 2017 International Arms Show in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Source: Beta, Tanjug Monday, February 20, 2017 | 17:24


The Serbian Defense Ministry announced that the participating companies include Yugoimport SDPR, Sloboda, Prva Petoletka, Zastava Oruzje, Krusik and Borbeni Slozeni Sistemi.

At the fair, four new products from the Serbian Ministry of Defense were shown for the first time, which, according to the statement, “aroused great interest on the first day”.

One of them is the tactical artillery missile Sumadija (named after the central region of the country) with trajectory correction and a range of 300 kilometers. This tactical missile is fired from multiple rocket launchers.

The unmanned aerial reconnaissance and combat vehicle Strsljen (Serbian for “hornet”) was also shown at the fair. It has a flight time of up to five hours for reconnaissance purposes and 2.5 hours for combat operations.



According to the Defense Ministry, IDEX visitors paid special attention to the Milos BOV multi-purpose armored vehicle, which was intended for reconnaissance, patrol and special operations. The four-wheel drive is protected from anti-tank mines.

Another new product that was presented at the fair is the artillery missile Grade 122 (Serbian for “hailstorm”) with a range of 52 kilometers.

In addition to many other standard products of the Serbian defense industry, visitors to this year’s IDEX could also see the self-propelled 155-millimeter howitzer system Nora and the armored 8×8 multi-purpose vehicle Lazar.



A Defense Ministry delegation was in Abu Dhabi, led by Deputy Defense Minister Nenad Miloradovic, who told reporters that the UAE was “a key market” for the Serbian defense industry – and that the country there currently had “active contracts” worth around 220 million Dollars got.

The UAE armed forces and defense industry are also “a strategic partner of Serbia in developing various types of advanced weapons that are designed to greatly improve the Serbian army’s operational capabilities and our export potential,” he said.

Miloradovic also announced negotiations that should lead to new contracts.

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