A customer from Japan in entrance of the monastery Visoki Decani confirmed HOW WORLD HERITAGE IS CARED FOR! Video

“After Viola von Cramon’s appeal to the Kosovo authorities to implement the Constitutional Court’s decision on the Visoki Decani monastery, nationalist reactions and insults emerged in some Albanian media., they said from the monastery on Twitter.

This move was also welcomed by Von Cramon, who wrote in a comment on the post that she would like to hear this music track.

She emphasized that the monastery of Visoki Decani is “an incredible place and important for the citizens of Kosovo”.

The Association of Kosovo Historians “Ali Hadri”, a branch in Decani, assessed earlier, reacting to von Cramon’s statement that Pristina must implement the decision of the constitutional court on returning property to the Decani monastery, that the decision is unconstitutional and illegal and will not be implemented.

The rapporteur of the European Parliament for the so-called Kosovo Viola von Cramon recently called on the authorities of the temporary Pristina institutions to protect the Serbian Orthodox church heritage in Kosovo and Metohija.

Von Kramon, who often gives statements in favor of Pristina, wrote on Twitter, along with a photo with the abbot of Visoki Decani, Sava Janjic, to call on the government in Pristina to implement the long overdue verdict of the constitutional court, because the rule of law means equal treatment of all.

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