You could not even guess that this well-known singer wrote a giant hit for Jelena Tomašević!


Jelena Tomasevic

Everyone knows that Jelena Tomašević has a large number of hits in her long career, and you certainly didn’t know one detail.

Namely, lesser known information is that her famous song “Vertigo” was written by her colleague Emina Jahović.

“Vertigo” fit perfectly into Tomašević’s style, and the song was recorded in Istanbul. At one of Jelena’s concerts, colleagues and friends performed this quick, summer hit together in front of the audience.

Apart from this song, Emina Jahović also wrote lyrics for several other well-known songs: “My World”, which Sergej Ćetković used to represent Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest, “I Know” by Željko Joksimović, and she is the author of Dragana Mirković’s song “Zapaliću srce”.

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