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Nikola Matković in front of his dilapidated house

I enrolled in information technology (software engineering) at the State University in Novi Pazar.

I am overjoyed, because my boyhood dream has come true. If it weren’t for the good people from this area and the readers of “Vesti”, who have been helping me since the age of five, I probably wouldn’t have finished elementary school, because my sick and poor parents Slavomir and Jevrosima couldn’t even feed me, let alone educate me. . Now I have even harder work and much more learning ahead of me, I don’t worry about that and I’m sure I won’t let down the benefactors who have helped me so far and who will, I hope, help me in the future.

This is what Nikola Matković, a long-time protégé of our Humanitarian Bridge, a student-pedestrian from the remote Vučinić on Golija, told us during the meeting in Novi Pazar, after picking raspberries for several days for a daily wage of 20 euros. You are a high school student from Novi Pazar, a lover of computers and a “little genius” who stands out from his peers with his mind and knowledge.

– While I was a primary school student and walked through the forest to school, meeting foxes, wild boars, wolves and various other animals every day, I wanted to be a professor of biology, however, when I got the opportunity to work on a computer, they made it possible for me. readers of “Vesti” who sent me a new laptop six years ago, I realized that computers would be my life. Fortunately, there is a state university in Novi Pazar with this direction. If I had to go to another city, I would probably give up, because I would not be able to leave my sick parents, and I would not have anything to pay for an apartment, food and everything else – adds Nikola.

He emphasizes that he still remembers well the first meeting with the “Vesti” reporter and the Novi Pazar humanitarian Hido Muratović.

– I was only five years old. We lacked in everything, even starved. After that meeting, everything started to get better. Good people first fed us, dressed and dressed us, and then they bought a cow and a stove for their parents, and a laptop and a desk for me. Whenever we were in trouble, we received a donation: to buy groceries, to buy books, to pay for electricity, to provide heating… Thank you very much to everyone who cared and still cares about us. I have no other way to repay all those benefactors except to continue to study hard and, instead of fives, I score tens. My goal is to become a software expert in four years, to earn my dinar and to at least slightly improve my hard life for my parents Slavomir and Jevrosima, who still live in a dilapidated mud house, without water and a bathroom and with an earthen floor – Nikola will honestly say .

In a difficult situation

– We have been following him and helping him since the age of five, he has a really difficult situation at home, but he is a genius and a great fighter. In the fifth grade, he beat all the teachers in the school in chess. Although he is now an adult, he can earn a dinar on his own, without the help of good people, especially readers of “Vesti”, he will not be able to go to school. A regular monthly scholarship would solve all his problems. That is why I call on all potential donors to help him – points out the humanitarian and our associate Hido Muratović, who has been “friends” with Nikola and his parents for 13 years.

Immeasurable gratitude to the benefactor

Stefan Pendić, also a student-pedestrian from the remote village of Đonlije on Golija, was also happy these days, because he received a scholarship from Australia of 370 dollars. For several years now, Stefan, now a student at the High School of Leather and Textile in Novi Pazar and a future model, has received the aforementioned valuable scholarship from a philanthropist and our reader from the Sydney Public Association.

– And during the summer, while I am on vacation, we pay for an apartment in Novi Pazar, we could not do otherwise. The scholarship is the only regular and secure income for my poor family. If it weren’t for the help and understanding of OV’s benefactors, I wouldn’t be able to go to school, my whole family is infinitely grateful to him. We greet him a lot and wish him all the best in life – says Stefan Pendić.

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