TODAY SAINT SIMEON IS PEACEFUL He was one of the crucial essential Serbian rulers, and it’s believed that the VINE HE PLANTED HAS SPECIAL POWER

Stefan Nemanja was the great ruler of the Serbian people, the unifier of the Serbian lands, the creator of the independent Serbian state, the defender of Orthodoxy, the persecutor of heresy.

He was one of the most important personalities of his time in this region.

He managed to expand the then Serbian state and actively fought against the Bogomils. He is the founder of the Nemanjić dynasty, which ruled Serbian lands for more than two centuries. When he established the state and the Orthodox faith, he became a monk in the Studenica monastery in 1195 and was named Simeon. Then he went to the monastery of Vatopedi, on the Holy Mountain, to his son, then a monk Sava.

Together they are renovating the Hilandar monastery, which they received from the Byzantine emperor. There is still a vine planted by Saint Simeon.

The people believe that the grain of this grape from Hilandar, along with fasting and prayers to Saint Simeon, helps infertile women to have offspring.

Simeon lived in it for only seven months. Sava transferred his remains to Raska in 1208, in order to reconcile his older brothers Stefan and Vukan, who were fighting for power. His relics are stored in Studenica, his endowment.

He also built St. Simeon and St. George’s Pillars, the monastery of St. Nicholas near Kursumlija and the church of the Holy Mother of God at the mouth of the river Kosanica.

Because of the miraculous flow of peace from his earthly remains, he was called the Myrrh-bearer.

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