Serbia’s Royal Couple “In Love” With Bermuda

August 25, 2014

HRH Crown Prince Alexander II and HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia are currently vacationing in Bermuda, and the couple highly praised the island, saying that they “fell in love” with Bermuda and that arriving here is like “arriving in another world” . “

The couple have visited the island before and live at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. The hotel owner Peter Green is referred to as a “dear friend”.

The Crown Prince said, “We have always liked coming here and visiting them, and I enjoy diving here too – I didn’t dive this time – but Bermuda has been so welcoming to both of us.”

When asked how he first discovered Bermuda, the Crown Prince joked that he found it on the map, but then said, “I think we discovered Bermuda very thanks to Sir David and Lady Lully Gibbons.

“We met many years ago and they said, ‘You have to visit Bermuda. So we came here and fell in love with Bermuda straight away, it’s great. “

9-minute video with the royal couple:

The Crown Princess said, “There’s something about Bermuda. I can’t tell you exactly what it is; Every time I come I think I’ll find the secret … I can’t.

“There’s something about this place that makes you feel good. First of all, the people are very hospitable and happy to see you. “

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful island. And the location; Let’s say from New York – you just come. But you get here and you think you’re on another planet, another world. “

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