THE SERBIAN NATION IS LOOKING FORWARD! Cooling is coming tomorrow, however sadly, not in all components of the nation!

It is very warm in Serbia today with the highest daily temperature of 35 to 38 degrees, and tomorrow very warm weather will remain only in the south, southeast and east of the country, with the highest temperature up to 37 degrees, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia announced.

Tomorrow morning dry and warm over most of the country.

Cooling with variable clouds in some places with rain, showers and thunderstorms that will cover the far north of Serbia in the morning, will spread to most parts by the end of the day.

Wind moderate, occasionally strong, south and southwest, turning to north and northwest, first in the north, short-lived with gusts of storm strength.

Morning temperature from 16 to 22 degrees, highest daily from 25 in the north to 37 in the southeast.

Forecast for Belgrade

Both in Belgrade, dry and warm in the morning and in the morning, and cooling in the afternoon with variable cloud cover, occasionally with rain and showers with thunder.

Wind moderate, occasionally strong, short-lived and stormy, northwest.

Morning temperature around 22, highest daily around 27 degrees.

On Wednesday, fresher, partly cloudy, with occasional rain and showers, sometimes accompanied by thunder. Afternoon gradual lightening.

On Thursday and Friday mostly sunny and a little warmer. On Friday afternoon, only in the south of Serbia, with variable clouds, short-term rain or showers with thunder are possible.

Then, until the end of the period, it is dry and warmer, with temperatures above the average for this time of year.

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