Malta, one of many accused admitted to collaborating within the homicide of the journalist

Vince Muscat changed his statement, as he first denied that he was involved in the murder, and then he confessed today.

He has been in custody since December 2017, when the other two were arrested, and they are charged with planning and killing a journalist who was investigating corruption in the country.

Caruana Galicia was killed when a bomb placed under her car exploded.

Three men have been indicted in Malta as part of an investigation into the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana of Galicia.

The two brothers, George and Alfred DeGiorgio, aged 55 and 53, and Vincent Muscat, aged 55, are accused.

A fourth person, multimillionaire and businessman Jorgen Fenech, who had strong political ties, is suspected of being the mastermind of the crime and is accused of being an accomplice in the murder, but he denied the crime.

The mediator in the murder of Melvin Theum received a pardon after he in turn handed over the evidence to the state in 2019.

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