Ida approaches Louisiana, the strongest hurricane for the reason that mid-19th century, ordered evacuation to New Orleans

New Orleans Mayor Latoya Kentrel called on citizens to evacuate due to Hurricane “Ida”, which is expected to hit the Louisiana coast soon.

“I’m telling you this storm isn’t going to weaken,” Latoja Kentrel said.

The governor of that southern American federal state, John Bell Edwards, warned of “severe consequences”.

“This will be the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana since 1850. Your time to escape is fast approaching. When you go to bed tonight, be prepared and be where you intend to deal with the storm at the time of the impact,” Edwards said.

The hurricane gained in intensity above the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and has already brought heavy rainfall and strong wind gusts to western Cuba.

Compulsory evacuation is in force in some lower parts of New Orleans, while a warning to citizens to evacuate voluntarily is in force in the higher parts of the city.

“If you want to leave then do it now. We have to make sure you are safe,” she said, adding that everyone should prepare for “devastating wind gusts, power outages, heavy rainfall, tornadoes.”

The American National Hurricane Center predicts that “Ida” will strengthen into an extremely dangerous hurricane of the fourth category, with winds of 225 kilometers per hour, before it hits the coast of the southern United States.

Sunday marks the 16th anniversary since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and claimed more than 1,800 lives.

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