GINASOVAC GORAN FAVORITE OF THE DAY OF MADNESS! He hopes that somebody will hardly have the ability to surpass the pumpkin “Milka” / PHOTO /

Plants also have a soul, and this is best indicated by the gourd growers of giant dimensions, who have been gathering in the north of Banat, in Kikinda, for 36 years, to exhibit the most difficult and longest orange beauties of the fields of Vojvodina. Among the pumpkins, which are sown most often in April, there is always at least one, especially dear to the breeder.


Guinness World Record holder Goran Lazić from Kikinda even gave them names, because, as he states, the plant needs careful preparation and care.

– “I tell” my “Milka” that she will be on the throne. According to estimates, she weighs over 400 kilograms and she is one of my heaviest favorites this year. I also have three fruits of over three meters, but I still don’t know if I will take one out for the competition, because it started to bloom late. In the category of “rainbow”, I will win all three places – Lazić certainly claims for the Informer.

EVERYONE KNOWS FOR OWLS AND CRAZIES! Kikinda re-founded the Tourist Organization!

EVERYONE KNOWS FOR OWLS AND CRAZIES!  Kikinda re-founded the Tourist Organization!

(PHOTO) RECORDERS OF THE DAY OF MADNESS REPEATED: Master of Phytopharmacy has a master’s degree in “fat”, a Guinness man from Kikinda with the longest “longest”

(PHOTO) RECORDERS OF THE DAY OF MADNESS REPEATED: Master of Phytopharmacy has a master's degree in

Although the year was not favorable for breeding giant lunatics, due to tropical temperatures, one of the biggest favorites of the 36th “Crazy Days”, which will be held in Kikinda from September 9 to 12, will compete in both categories – “heavyweights”. and “long”.

GP Goran Lazić

– This is a bad year for growing pumpkins that were “under stress” due to the temperature of 37 and 40 degrees. They needed to be cooled, so special care in that regard required constant presence and attention – says Lazić.

Pumpkins have great requirements in terms of heat, moisture, light and nutrients, so they are best suited for growing in the plains and warm regions. Usually, giant pumpkins are big “eaters”, which is why they look for the best soil, well fertilized with fertilizer.

– I make organic fertilizers myself, I mix various plants and grasses. The seed is American, and I received it last year from friends who sent it by mail – our interlocutor adds.

This builder started growing pumpkins three years ago, when his luck, but also his obvious skill in vegetables, brought him the world champion as long as 395.4 centimeters, with which he broke the Guinness record in 2019 in Mozirje near Ljubljana.


He managed to cultivate three orange fruits of jivan dimensions in his garden and under the greenhouse. And whether his trump cards from the garden will triumph, will be known on Saturday, September 11.

Small pumpkins greet guests

At the entrance to Kikinda from the direction of Belgrade, on the roundabout, there are small lunatics who “invite” guests to come to the famous tourist and gastronomic event from Thursday to Sunday and enjoy numerous programs, all in honor of the orange beauty. pays special attention to the north of Banat.


Smaller dimensions than usual

The crown did its thing, so the organizers of the event were forced to organize a big party in honor of the madman a little earlier this year. All pumpkin growers agree that because of that, they will be smaller than usual.

-If the event had taken place ten days later, the crazy people would have weighed a hundred kilograms more. Years ago, it was in October, which is not a coincidence, because the pumpkin then reached full maturity. Then they would be up to 200 kilograms heavier – says Lazić.

Photo: VN

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