FINALLY! At 90 p.c of these vaccinated, Italy will begin lifting measures in opposition to the crown

18. 10. 2021.– Author: Suzana Stanisic

FINALLY! At 90 percent of those vaccinated, Italy will start lifting measures against the crown

The Italian Higher Health Institute announced today the data, collected at the national level from the last month, that the one who received both doses of the vaccine risks 20 times less that if he becomes infected again, he will be placed in a hospital or in intensive therapy.


If this rate of vaccination is maintained in Italy, and the trend is on the rise despite the protests of “novax” which are in a huge minority, it should reach the first days of December from 90 percent of the immunized population over 12 years, to date received both doses 81, 2 percent of citizens, or 43,847,511 inhabitants.

That percentage of those immunized in early December would have two effects: it would reduce the number of tests done daily by those who do not want the vaccine to get a green sanitary card and be able to enter work or any enclosed space (the test is valid only 48 hours), and the other positive effect is that it would increase protection against the virus and begin a gradual reduction in the application of anticoid measures.

Namely, if caution is resorted to during the winter because the flu season arrives and flu symptoms can often be replaced with those of kovid, changes in the application of anti-cancer measures can be expected in the spring, such as the possible abolition of the sanitary card.

In Italy, the number of newly infected, several weeks ago, is significantly decreasing. In two days (Saturday and Sunday), a total of 5,420 new positive tests were found on 853,686 tests, a smaller number of hospital stays was registered, and the percentage of positivity dropped to 0.6 percent.

The sanitary authorities are closely monitoring the development of the situation, especially the number of hospital stays as well as the level of infection in the regions per 100,000 inhabitants. This country has experienced too many tragedies to abandon the way of controlling and applying measures because the virus has not disappeared, “a large number of tests have found asymptomatic cases of coronary heart disease and thus helps to isolate them and limit the spread of the virus,” said Professor Fabricio Preljasko. from the State University of Milan.


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