WINTER DOES NOT GIVE UP Prepare for an enormous minus! ICE SUNDAY Temperatures as much as – 12!

Yesterday, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute issued a warning of strong frost until Sunday, and very low temperatures will remain until next Wednesday, February 17.

Today and for the weekend, it will be very cold, with a minimum temperature of -12 to -8 and the highest daily temperature below zero degrees, they say in RHMZ.

Sunny in Belgrade

That time, they say, will be until the middle of next week. As far as precipitation is concerned, light snow will cover only the mountainous areas and the south of the country.

River levels are rising

RHMZ hydrologist Dejan Vladiković told Informer that the water levels on many rivers from today, but also on Saturday, will reach the limit of regular flood defense, and on some they will move above the limit. He explains that warnings were issued due to heavy rains and that the most critical rivers are the Lim, Drina, Sava and Danube.

On the Sava near Belgrade, the water levels will reach the limit of regular flood defense. The water level of this river near Šabac will be above the border, as well as on the Danube near Novi Sad and downstream from this city. This situation will be on the Tisza near Titel, as well as on the Sava in Belgrade – explains Vladiković.

Meteorologist at the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia, Slobodan Sovilj, says that only in Negotinska Krajina will the temperatures be slightly higher, and will range from zero to two degrees.

During the weekend, longer sunny intervals await us only in Belgrade and Vojvodina, while variable cloudy weather will be in most of our country throughout the weekend. On Saturday, the maximum temperature will be from minus four to minus one degree with sunny intervals, and snow awaits us only in the south of Serbia. It will be similar on Sunday, and the mercury will drop below minus ten degrees. Ice days will shackle Serbia on Monday and Tuesday, with a strong wind from the north. The minimum temperature will range from minus eight to minus five degrees, and the maximum daily from minus three to zero – stated in RHMZ.

Average temperatures for the next five days

Day max. temp. min. temp.

Friday -3 -7 frost
Saturday -4 -8 frost
Sunday -1 -7 frost
Monday 0 -5 frost
Tuesday 0 -5 strong wind
* Source RHMZ

Enough snow

Citizens who are preparing to spend their free days in the mountains should not worry.

There is enough snow for skiing in all mountain centers in Serbia. Only on Kopaonik will there be a blizzard for the weekend. The situation will be similar in the south of Serbia – warns meteorologist Djordje Djuric from “Weather2Umbrella”.

According to meteorologists, after a series of icy days, there will be a slight improvement in the weather from next Thursday, so the days will be cold but dry all over the country, and with longer sunny intervals. Maximum temperatures will be around five degrees above zero.

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