We do not have time, we want as a lot vaccination as attainable! The crown will final for the subsequent 12 months as effectively

10. 11. 2021.

DOCTOR CON O DELTA PLUS SOY: We don’t have time, we need as much vaccination as possible! The crown will last for the next year as well

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said in an interview with Kurir that the delta plus strain has not yet been officially registered in Serbia, but that it is very likely that it is among us, but it has not shown its potential.


– The catastrophe in Croatia and the whole of Europe is attributed to delta plus soy, although there is no evidence, as well as the entry into the season. We cannot be outside the whole world. At the moment, in a catastrophic situation, we still have an expected decline. But we don’t have time, because delta plus will definitely arrive or manifest itself if it’s already here. Restrictive measures are not accepted, and I do not accept that they cannot be introduced because it is important to lower the activity of the virus. And you need as extensive vaccination as possible, as primary prevention.

Asked if that means we will have more than 10,000 infected a day or a million in four months, the epidemiologist says it is difficult to predict.

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– It is very difficult to predict, but the virus will certainly circulate. Whether it will be a million or a little less, I can’t say, because a lot of people have already been infected and acquired some immunity, and yet we have vaccinated a significant percentage of the population. And because of that, only two weeks in advance can be estimated relatively reliably. I think we will have some effect of the 20-hour covid pass, although it is not valid for 24 hours, but also because of the short-term vacation.

Can you predict when the crown will end?

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– It will continue during the next year, and I don’t know what will happen after that and when it will discount. The virus has survived on the planet and we will hardly get rid of it. We have to get vaccinated, whoever doesn’t understand that, endangers the entire national health. The only way to continue immunization is to talk persistently and continuously about vaccination.



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