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Picking up valuable cargo in Sydney

Following the approval of the Oxford Astrazenec vaccine by the Australian regulatory body TGA, as well as the delivery of the first 142,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, Federal Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that immunization against kovid-19 would begin on Monday, February 22.

At the same time, the World Health Organization included the vaccine Astrazeneke and the University of Oxford in the list of those approved for emergency use, and thus enabled the developed world access to a relatively cheap vaccine.

The WHO has determined that the Oxford vaccine meets “mandatory” safety criteria, and that its benefits outweigh the risks.

Back in January, German experts warned of the ineffectiveness of the Astrazeneca vaccine, when it comes to those older than 65. These experts did not question her safety. The pharmaceutical company rejected the claims and pointed out that the vaccine is effective for the elderly as well.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the first quantities of Astrazeneca vaccine will be imported, and that vaccination with this vaccine produced in Australia will follow.

Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt emphasized that he expects that four million people will be vaccinated by April, and that by October, everyone who wants to will receive at least the first dose.

Citizens will not be able to choose the vaccine. Different vaccines will be distributed in different places, so that the population will be vaccinated with either the Pfizer or Astrazeneca vaccine, depending on which is available.

– Our vaccination strategy is a “huge exercise” – said Morrison and added that in addition to the fact that the vaccine is a response to possible serious consequences of the disease or death, positive signs of its impact on virus transmission are increasingly being seen.

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister did not explain his claim to the public that vaccination can prevent the transmission of the crown. However, according to available information, vaccination does not stop the disease or the transmission of the virus.

This is probably the reason why the Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, announced the possibility of replacing the hotel quarantine with cabin accommodation. In that way, the quarantine would be moved from the center of Melbourne, and thus the possibility of transmitting the virus in the community would be reduced.

Thus, the empty fields near Avalon and Melbourne airports are considered locations where quarantine accommodations could be purposefully built, based on the extremely successful experience of the Howard Springs facility in the Northern Territory.

Details on how to finance the quarantine facility have yet to be determined.

Look up to NSW

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he would discuss plans to build quarantine settlements near the airport with Prime Minister Andrews. He will also discuss the same topic with the Prime Minister of Queensland, Anastasia Palashchuk, who suggested that mining camps in the interior of that country be used for quarantine.
Morrison also stressed that all other countries and territories, as well as New Zealand, have successful hotel quarantine in cities, and that NSW has a far greater hotel quarantine capacity than Victoria, and that so far it has dealt extremely successfully with the problem of virus transmission from hotel quarantine to the community.

Only for those over 18 years of age

The Astrazeneca vaccine was approved for people over the age of 18, and TGA chief John Skerrit said that no negative effects were observed in the case of pregnant women who received the vaccine. True, it is not recommended for pregnant women and only in the coming months are more complete results on pregnancy and the vaccine against the crown expected.
According to Skerrit, the Astrazeneca vaccine has shown “100 percent effectiveness against severe covid disease and death caused by this disease.”

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