THIS PLACE IN SERBIA IS A NEW CROWN FOCUS! The sudden bounce of the contaminated is contemplating the introduction of an EMERGENCY SITUATION

In the last seven days, 142 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the municipality of Arilje, and only yesterday 43.

“The vast majority of newly infected are children under 15 and their parents. There were no significant violations of epidemiological measures and gatherings in the municipality, so it is assumed that they became infected during the winter and mini vacations,” Arilje Mayor Predrag Maslar told RINA.

He points out that the decision on the introduction of the emergency situation will be waited until Monday, when the Emergency Situations Headquarters will meet again.

“Since mostly younger people, primary school students, are infected, they all have extremely mild clinical pictures with mild symptoms. We will closely monitor the situation and the growth of the number of infected. If this continues, an emergency situation will be introduced,” Maslar added.

The competent inspections will intensify the supervision of catering facilities in the coming days, according to RINA.

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