The US Air Pressure is making ready for struggle in opposition to Russia and China


American fighter F-16 “Fighting Falcon” (Photo: Archive)

The United States Air Force is training pilots to land on highways in the event of war with Russia or China, expert Stavros Atlamazoglu writes for “Business Insider”.

The text notes that in a hypothetical conflict with an enemy of equal strength, the Americans could face a terrible scenario in which one enemy strike would knock out the vast majority of soldiers or weapons. That is why the US Air Force is being trained to adjust its forces to land at non-traditional and improvised airports.

The text mentions the “North Strike 21” military exercises held in Michigan in early August, in which a military plane landed on a public highway. The expert explained that the purpose of such maneuvers is to train pilots and special forces for unplanned operations in hard-to-reach terrain.

Training according to these scenarios will increase the survival of troops in the face of the threat of a conditional enemy, because it will be difficult to predict and monitor their movements and places to replenish supplies or supply fuel, Atlamazoglu concluded.

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