The Stankovics stay in concern as a result of their home is collapsing, they’re unable to unravel something on their very own

With boots and across the stream, the only way is to the four-member Stanković family. In a dilapidated brick house, two rooms. The cracked walls were covered in soot and mud. The beams are also rotten. Recently, part of the ceiling fell on Milena’s head. They have not had a peaceful sleep since.

“I was writing homework and suddenly this from the ceiling fell on my head. I was very scared. And then I just woke up and saw that the doctors were above my head,” says Milena Stanković.

Milena’s mother, Aleksandra Stanković, says that they are afraid of any rain. “The child just didn’t get hurt last time. We don’t have a bathroom. We don’t have a bridge. It’s very difficult to live,” adds Aleksandra.

There was no break for Bratislava until six months ago, when he lost a leg on a combine harvester. Now they live on 6,000 dinars, which is the amount of the child allowance.

“I worked seasonally, when someone called me, to earn money for these children. I need it for school, for snacks. Now I have lost my leg. I can’t work. I don’t know how and what I will do,” Bratislav Stanković points out.

Milena is in the sixth grade, and Jovana is in the seventh grade. Even under the burden of a difficult life, they are cheerful, modest, hardworking and good students.

“We help everything. Dad can’t. We go to the store, we take everything. We bring wood,” says Jovana Stanković.

Neighbors and friends help as much as they can. And their budgets, they say, are modest.

“With the help of people of good will to help them to some extent. I think we should. Let’s all help a little bit,” emphasizes Mirjana Savić, a neighbor from Donja Slatina.

Stanković’s torments moved Leskovac’s high school humanitarians. They launched an action to build a new, warm home. They hope that many will support them in that.

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