Supporting communities in tough instances


Hi, I am Natalie Ward and it is a great privilege to be your Minister for Multiculturalism in New South Wales.

I know many of you face great challenges as we fight the kovida-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the lives of many, and that is why I want to keep you regularly informed about the work of the NSW Government in these difficult times for all of us.
I have been in daily contact with our religious leaders and community leaders, and your New South Wales Government has responded urgently to their kind feedback on the support needed for our multicultural communities. Partnership with them and the recommendations we receive from them are crucial to us and know that I am deeply grateful for our connection as we go through all of this together.
Respecting health orders, including staying home and vaccinating, is our way out of the pandemic. I encourage you to talk to your loved ones who have not yet been vaccinated about why vaccination is so critical. Please do not hesitate to seek available information from reliable sources to support these important discussions.
It is also important that all members of our community have access to information on the latest support programs of the Government of New South Wales during these difficult times.
Support includes the following:

An ambulance package of 18.8 million

A record $ 18.8 million emergency package has been targeted at vulnerable local governments (LGAs) to support vulnerable members of our community during the latest wave of the kovida-19 epidemic.
This package will help local organizations provide emergency food assistance, promote vaccination and testing services, and provide culturally appropriate support and care to our diverse communities. The package includes a $ 13 million grant program to provide emergency assistance through nonprofit and multicultural community organizations, as well as through local municipalities.
Local community organizations are now eligible to apply for grants of up to $ 30,000 to carry out support projects for vulnerable communities.
The package also includes $ 4 million for ongoing multicultural communication, including interpreter and translator services, to deliver important health messages.

Asylum seekers funding package of 6.25 million

The NSW government has announced a $ 6.25 million package for temporary visa holders, especially for asylum seekers, who need urgent support during a pandemic. This funding will be available to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help provide emergency care, which includes food, medical support, housing and transportation.

Grants to support the community during the $ 750,000 covid

Emergency grants totaling $ 750,000 are available to more than 150 multicultural organizations in the community, to help provide basic community-led initiatives.

Translated notices

Our translation service in New South Wales has translated more than 2,300 resources covering specific health information, which are available in almost 60 languages.

Community forums

Nearly 3,500 of our religious leaders and community leaders attended more than 30 forums we launched through the NSW Ministry of Multiculturalism to reach every part of our community.

Conversations with community leaders

We also coordinated more than 200 individual interviews with community leaders to find out their specific needs during the epidemic. I thank them for their time and honesty in providing feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Weekly press conferences of multicultural media

It is my privilege to attend the weekly press conferences of our multicultural media together with the Minister of Health Brad Hazard and Dr. Jen Fizel and Dr. Marianne Gale from the NSW Ministry of Health, in order to provide the latest information and answers to their questions.

Vaccination clinics

I thank the wonderful community leaders who helped our local health districts in NSW open vaccination clinics for anyone over the age of 18 in West and Southwest Sydney. You can find the locations of these clinics and their working hours on the website.

Payments for testing and self-isolation

If you are a worker, carer or guardian from one of the endangered Sydney municipalities (LGA), and you lost income because you had to go into self-isolation or while waiting for the results of the kovid tests, we will support you with payments in the amount of $ 320.

Disaster payments if your income is reduced

Assistance from the Federal Government is also available if you have lost your job or your working hours have been reduced due to an order to stay at home.

Extreme difficulty support program

The NSW government is funding the Australian Red Cross to further support temporary visa holders who do not have access to Commonwealth assistance packages to meet urgent basic needs, such as food and medicine. These payments are $ 400.

Easier access to vaccines

The NSW government continues to make covid vaccination more accessible to our community. Appointments can be scheduled at the nearest pharmacy participating in the program, as well as at a health vaccination center or at your local GP. People aged 16 to 49 living in vulnerable local governments (LGAs) are now given priority access to Pfizer vaccines.

Mental health

It is natural to be worried about the kovid pandemic and the changes that are happening all around us. Please keep in touch with family and friends by phone, SMS or online. Free mental health services are also available if you need help.

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