Soccer season canceled! – Information on-line


The audience will not return to the stands in Bonirig before 2022.

Due to the constant growth in the number of people infected with the corona virus and increasingly rigorous restrictive measures in New South Wales, the news came from the NSW Football Association that all competitions in this country will be canceled by the end of the 2021 season.

Also, it was decided that the results of the senior teams in the current course of the championship in NPL ranks will be annulled, and the planned reorganization of the competition, as well as promotions and relegations from the league will be postponed for next year.

What does that mean for the only representative of the Serbian community in the NPL, the White Eagles team from Bonirig? First of all, they are left without the right to fight for a theoretical chance to enter a higher rank, so next year they will compete again with the same rivals they had this season, in the fight for one of the four places leading in NPL 1.

“We made the decision keeping in mind that the current orders of public health in NSW will remain in force at least until August 29, as well as our discussions and briefings with various government agencies in recent days, as well as daily reports of the prime minister, health minister and chief health official.

As there is still no Government plan to open sports activities, the Board of Directors of the NSW Football Federation has no choice but to cancel the competitions. This decision is in line with those recently made by many associations and many other state sports organizations, ”the NSW House of Football said in a statement.
The cancellation of the season is valid for all ages: first teams, U20 selections, as well as youth leagues (U13, U14, U15, U16 and U18) and SAP leagues (U9, U10, U11, U12) for boys and girls.
The official statement states that no titles, trophies, medals or cash prizes will be awarded for any of the competitions. Given the extraordinary circumstances that led to the fact that the competitions for men NPL NJV can not be completed, the following will apply:
– For the 2022 season, the men’s senior competition will consist of four competitions (NPL, NPL 2, NPL 3 and NPL 4) with a maximum of 12 clubs in each league. The promotion and relegation structure for 2021 is postponed to 2022, when the promotion and relegation system planned for this year will be applied.
– This means that the planned restructuring of the National Premier Leagues has been postponed for the 2022 season, after which, instead of the current four ranks with 12, three leagues with 16 clubs each will be formed.
In NPL 2, 16 of the planned 22 championship rounds were played, and on June 26, when the league was interrupted, the White Eagles took the eighth place. Bearing in mind that Bonirig had minimal chances to win one of the first four positions, the suspension of the competition in a way gives the Serbian team a chance to “reset” and a chance to achieve the much-desired promotion to the strongest state rank in 2022.

Young Eagles without promotion

If the decision to cancel senior football in the NSW Premier Leagues went to the advantage of the first team of the White Eagles, the outcome in the youth competitions is certainly not. Namely, in 2021, the so-called first phase of competition in these leagues was played (ages 14 to 18), so based on the results of that phase, the teams were divided into three, instead of four levels of competition.
Since the young teams of Bonirig did not reach one of the first four positions that lead to the elite competition of NPL 1, they will play in a lower, NPL rank next year. Thus, the younger categories of the Eagles in 2022 will be in a slightly weaker company, with teams such as St. George, Hakoe, Spirit, Hills, Rajadamir, Bankstown ..

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